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A revolution is on the horizon...

As a traveling clinician, there's no reason why you shouldn't be in total control of your career and earn more....a lot more. Go independent. Skip recruiters and directly connect with hiring managers. Browse gigs, name your price and set your terms. Network with other like-minded professionals and join the revolution today.

Finding the right freelance clinician for the job has never been easier.

Hiring a clinician? Post your OT, PT or SLP travel or PRN job for free and our verified clinicians will bid on your jobs. Or search our database to invite clinicians by specialty and certifications. Save up to 40% over using an agency. It's simple math.

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At Medgypsy, we believe there is a better way to keep you informed, connected and plugged in with what matters most - finding your next gig at a great rate without the hassle and cost of an agency. Hiring managers post jobs you can browse by setting, rates, location or dates and in doing so save money to spend on what matters most to them - taking care of patients. The future of travel and PRN healthcare is being built right now. And it's coming to Medgypsy.

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Michael Greiner, MOT, OTR/L
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